Saturday, May 21, 2011

if you give a mouse a cookie (mouse = me)

i am the mouse.  my cookie, being any and all attempts to write on blog.

i set out to write on my blog about scotland.  but to write on my blog i needed to first download my scotland pictures.  but to download my scotland pictures, i must first clear out some space on my computer.  (i keep getting that lovely message we all adore: "startup disk almost full. delete unused files." arrrrrrgh.)  unfortunately i deleted all unused files before i got to london...which means i have now spent the last (not going to tell you how much time) deleting podcasts i've never listened to, pictures i don't remember why i downloaded, and other such nonsense.

through this process i found this and couldn't stop laughing:

this is my sister rosie (ahem) i mean arwen giving her evenstar necklace to aragorn.  i think she probably made me swear not to show it to anyone.  oops.  i couldn't resist.

bahahahaha, i'm still laughing about it.

(lest you have forgotten, it's from the same photo shoot as this, last january:)

believe it or not, this IS tangential to my original task of trying to write about scotland.  because, you see, while walking the cliffs of scotland, i may or may not (read: MAY) have pretended to be arwen.  with alarming frequency.


i am obsessed.

i said it.

and while we're on the topic of obsessions, i thought i'd tell this story:  every month-ish we have cousin sleepovers at grandma's.  at the one in march, raymon pulled out one of those large bags of m&ms from his backpack and threw it on the table.  it was half-eaten.  i looked at him with one eyebrow raised and said, "seriously raymon?"  he started trying to justify why he had a large bag of m&ms in the first place, and then why they were half-eaten, at which point i left the table, went to my backpack, and pulled out my own large bag of m&ms.  also half eaten.  we died laughing about how similar we are.  cousins through and through.

meanwhile grandma, sweet little grandma, without saying a word had snuck back to her "goody corner" in the kitchen and when she turned around, she was EXTRA LARGE bag of m&ms.

you can't see it in the picture, but this bag of hers was massive.  
we are our grandmother's grandchildren. 

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  1. I think that I should be adopted into your family, based on my similar addiction. I half a half-eaten bag of coconut m&m's in my drawer at work :)