Thursday, August 27, 2009

do something drastic.

what an interesting concept. more on this forthcoming.

RETURNING! (from sabbatical.)

actually, i don't even know what the word sabbatical means. i just like using it.

recent thoughts:

1) ibuprofen. why do we pronounce it I-B- profen if there's a u in it? is it a silent u? there's no such thing as a silent u! only w's and k's and e's. so then is the u just masquerading as two e's? ibeeprofen? i don't get it. I-B-PROFEN I DON'T GET YOU! (or your u for that matter.)
2) being in love is the best thing in the world.
3) the second best thing in the world is cold mandarin oranges.
4) i think i shall get a large piece of butcher paper on which to splatter my life. ideas of culture club blogs and basement bands and guest speakers dressed as inmates. upon which i shall also splatter my future: grad school attempts, pictures of us, calls for papers and the ones i submit, faraway conferences, gre practice test dates, LOVE, ideas for paintings, poem scratchings, the works.
5) speaking of culture club, prepare yourself world. it's gonna be big.
6) i have been craving something lately and i can't locate it. it might be meat, it might be a really meaty vegetable, it might be nuts, perhaps it's milk. i HAVE been downing the cereal as of late. but maybe that's more of a honey-nut-cheerio addiction, rather than a milk deficiency.
7) you supposedly need 30 minutes of sunshine everyday for your body to fully absorb the vitamins from your food. wt! why am i just finding this out?! how many minutes do i spend in the sun everyday? i have no idea! and that thought really worries me.
8) my best friend in middle school's favorite number was 8 because you could cut it in half any which way and it would still be the same on both sides. interesting concept.
9) at which time i had planned to go to bed. but as it is already 29 minutes past, i suppose i have already failed and i may as well stay up a few minutes longer. perhaps i will go eat some honey nut cheerios. or go on a short sabbatical.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Love is when you believe in something or someone so completely that you make them home.

my beliefs about belief

The stories we believe the most are the ones we've been able to imagine the best. Those are the ones that actually have power to change the way we live, individually and as a community. It is what one believes that instructs reality, not the other way around. Like when Henry Plantaganet saves England with a handful of words.

I believe this.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


oh the torture. i return to my words like a dog to its vomit. i read and reread and reread until they're burned into my skull like ants under a magnifying glass are burned to the sidewalk.