Monday, August 11, 2014

One Year LYON

It's four in the afternoon, and it's super dark outside and there's a huge thunderstorm. It's been like this all summer. Tender mercy from Heavenly Father to His heat-stroke-prone daughter? Yep.

Sr Floisand and I profited from our trip to supermarket Carrefour today by buying 20 euros worth of yogurt. Chestnut, plum and honey, Grandma's rice pudding, chocolate, Swiss mountain berry, coconut...yep. Stocking up.

Guess what delightful thing happened this morning? I washed my clothes and they all came out pink because I left a shirt in there that had too much dye or something and then I accidentally put the wash on hot. Ooops... But the delightful part is that I saw what happened, and I just started laughing. Not even mad-laughing, like really laughing. It was just really funny to me. I think this is a good sign. If nothing else, I no longer care if all my clothes get turned pink in the wash. That's a pretty good change I think.

Also my little camera got dropped and now it's broken. Everything's falling apart these last two weeks. Lucky I guess. I'm just hoping I can keep it all together until I get back. If I lose my journals on the train I mean airplane, then I really might cry. Maybe not though. Sister Floisand shared something really awesome with me that I've been thinking lots about and is helping me. She said that on her mission, she's just had the attitude of, "If my companion gets the bigger piece of cake, it's okay because in a year and a half I get to see my family, and that's all I really care about anyways." She said that helps her a lot to not stress when she misses busses or things are unfair or people say mean things. I think about that for life: "You know, at the end of my life, I'll get to go back and be with God, so I don't care." Ha. Funny how the little things that bother us from day to day totally fall away when we think of life in those terms.

Oh, also this week I got yelled at by a bus driver. I was just talking to this guy I was sitting next to, having a normal conversation (which was especially funny because I wasn't even really pushing the conversation, this guy had lots of questions and I was just answering :) and suddenly this big bus driver man turns around from the front of the bus and starts yelling in really fast French and I was so taken aback I couldn't understand what he was saying, and I'm just kind of looking at him like, "Huh?? Me?" And he's like "Yes, YOU!!" And the guy next to me's like, "He thinks you're trying to sell me something. It's fine, monsieur, we're just having a conversation!" So woot I can check that box off: got yelled to/threated with a hundred euro fine for contacting on a bus.

Also, today is my one-year in Lyon anniversary. We ate at a darling cafe.