Saturday, May 28, 2011

you and i were members of the best team in baseball

{title for this post from ozma's "baseball"}

here's the thing.

angels in the outfield.  can we talk about it for a minute?

remember the crazy publicity guy?

remember jp?

remember how everything good about the 90s is contained within this one film?

oh, and by the way, remember this part?

it's matthew mcconaughey.  in case you had forgotten he was in that / didn't realize when you were 10 years old who matthew mcconaughey was.

lately all i want to do is talk about this movie.  it comes up at least once a day.

and this has got to be the greatest picture of joseph gordon-levitt in existence.

i mean, we girls grew up on joseph gordon-levitt and matthew mcconaghey.  playing baseball no less!  come on.  we were doomed from the get-go.

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