Tuesday, May 3, 2011

harrypotter, harrypotter, harrypotter (dumbledore!)

first.  pick-churs.  as the british say.

i am magic.  the end.

oh but wait, it's not the end, because today i went to all of the places in this lil movie clip from a piece of magic we call harry potter:

let me walk you through it (watch the clip so you know of when i speak).

0:40 this is trafalar square.  i ate lunch there today in between going to the british library and the national portrait gallery.  it was a sandwich--BLT (what else)--with a big cup of raspberry muesli.  yum!  and it was sunny and there were pigeons everywhere.

0:55 i can't be entirely sure, but i think this is that street we accidentally found ourselves on yesterday.  red lights.  why it pays to read the guidebook before wandering.  :)

1:08 this is the millenium bridge--the one i ran across at 10pm tonight to get to the tube station because it was freezing cold and i couldn't feel my feet because i'd stood for three hours watching "all's well that ends well" at none other than....

1:34 THE GLOBE!  (bottom right corner. white circular building with brown roof.)  i kept trying to imagine myself being in the 1600's and going to these plays.  packing yourself in as a groundling, completely captivated by these actors and these words that some dude named shakespeare put together.  the acting was so good tonight.  so good.  there will be more on this forthcoming.  still incubating.

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