Friday, December 30, 2016


This little blog has all but gone the way of all the world. Three posts in 2016. Remember back when blogging was a thing people did? Remember when I used to write here when I didn't want to write things like term papers? Remember when I used to post music every Monday?

I'm going to start writing again. At least I think I will. Maybe it will be here, maybe it will be in a journal, maybe it will be in the margins of books, maybe it will be in the mountains early in the morning like a prayer.

This morning the trees were full of birds singing. Don't they know it's the dead of winter?

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Saturday, April 30, 2016

earth day + national parks week

Another Earth Day come and gone and I didn't even plant seeds. It comes upon me every year like a tsunami and I freeze and gasp and say, "It's Earth Day?!"

And it was also Get Into A National Park For Free week. I did not profit from this, but as I was in Zion's just the week before, I feel okay about it. 

I spend a lot of time thinking about plants though. This year I've killed all the ones I've owned. Four strawberry plants, two basil plants, a lemon tree... The hanging plant in my room is miraculously still alive, but that's probably because it was a gift from my brother and every thing his hands touch lives. 

The thing I like about plants is they are so unconcerned with haste. They just grow at their own speed and there is nothing you can do to change that. And their growth is so quotidian to us humans who live in a world of grass and trees and bushes but when you have a plant that you love and are trying to grow, it's amazing what a miracle the whole growth process becomes, and how willing you are to be patient and kind and tender with it. How forgiving you are of its slow humble little pace, how excited you are for any new green shoots, and how any kind of fruit or blossom is a complete wonder.

Anyways, here are some pictures of a weekend away in a secret canyon that heals souls, and a couple of songs that go well with nature.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

the kind of man

Something weird happened to me last weekend. A lil switch in my brain flipped and all the carefully tuned filters by which I've been searching for Mister dissolved and I'm left with a pretty simple thing:

All I want in life is somebody who falls in love with the world every time he opens his eyes. All I want is someone I can love everything about life with. Someone who is captivated by joy and wants to live in that place constantly. Someone I can just go around loving people with. I want a marriage where we laugh and say dumb things and get so so much joy out of every moment. Especially the really hard moments.

I just want someone with a twinkle in his eyes and the milk of human kindness in his heart.

(and if he wanted to move to Scotland and raise sheep together, well I wouldn't be mad.)