Sunday, May 15, 2011

the victoria line (come on victoria come on victoria!)

{at the train station.  en route to the temple last tuesday.}

today we went to church.

we take the picadilly to the victoria line, then all the way up to walthamstow stop.  takes an hour or so.  (the title for this post comes from the misheard lyrics to a song called "squalor victoria" by the national (my "band of the trip")...every time i ride the victoria line, i get this song in my head.)

i get to play the piano in the primary, which is beautiful because i have never had a music calling in church before.  but have always kinda wanted one.  so we sing songs and i play and the kids are all african with british accents, except for one little southern girl named ava grace.  (yes, i plan on commandeering that name for one of the 18 girls i'm going to have to have to use up all the names i want to.)

sacrament meeting was put on by the young men and was about the priesthood.  each young man in the ward (all five of them) talked about the various roles of the men in the church in holding the priesthood.  it was a really wonderful meeting.  they were strong, sure, faithful boys.  at the end of the meeting, the young men's leader got up and said he is "greatly proud" of each of the boys.  greatly proud.  you could tell that leader really loved those boys.  someday i want to be a leader of youth like that.

when i got back from church, i went to the park with andrea and preston.  we talked about dating.  i think i said, "that is the WORST!" eight times in a row.....mostly because we were discussing boys taking girls to wendy's.  or on seven hour first dates.  and things like such as.

i'm having a ball.

and tonight i ate neopolitan ice cream out of the tub i've been eating from nonstop.  it cost 1.70 at sainsbury.  blissfully happy.  except they should make neopolitan ice cream with 70% chocolate, 20% vanilla, and 10% strawberry.  then i'd be unimaginably happy.

and now for some visual and auditory stimulation...i've been meaning to post this for the last week, but have been a bit negligent of the blog as of late:

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