Friday, May 6, 2011

the chocolate: {topic}

have no fear: despite my lack of vigilence in posting about my excusions through the chocolates of london, i have been faithfully eating my way along.

today's bar of chocolate: topic
THE CUTLINE: none.  huh.  but it does have a fire red-orange wrapper.
THE DESCRIPTION: milk chocolate, hazelnuts, soft nougat & smooth caramel centre.  (note: it's caramel and centre, not carmel and center.  this means it tastes better.)
PRICE:  £ 0.65, corner fruit stand on Gloucester


THE REVIEW:  silkeeeeeeeee.  light and soft, small pieces of hazelnut.  like crawling into cool covers in a moonlit room.  yes please. 

texture: scored "thoroughly delightful" out of 10
taste: scored "gentle-like-a-whisper" out of 13
ease in opening the wrapper: scored "oh COME ON!!!" out of 30.  persnickety little glue they used to seal this puppy.
likelihood of being a return favorite: scored "definitely a possibility" out of 27
TOTAL: yeah, not even going to fake like i can come up with how to total those scores.

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