Thursday, May 5, 2011

arches & benches

okay so today was a quiet day.  we got all ready to go on the big bus tour, but then left the apartment and it was rainy and cold.  so we turned back around and replanned the say.  a quiet day.  i went shopping at primark on oxford street (and bought awesome pants with birds on them and elastic around the bottoms which hit my legs two inches above my ankle bones).  we took the bus there.  delightful.  (just for the record, the busses are really how they appear in all those movies about london.  red and square and they squeeze magically between cars all the time.)

{marble arch in the rain}

and then i ate myself a bagel sandwich with spinach and tomatoes and cucumbers and brie (mom would be so proud of how good i'm eating...well...minus the chocolate.  but that's to make grandma proud).  and then i got myself to hyde park for some reading and some park-benching and some insights into who i am and who i want to be.

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  1. Carolyn I love your writing. I think I've said that before, but it really is so beautiful and intriguing and lovely. And I love this picture. Beautiful. I kind of wish I was there in London with you.