Sunday, January 30, 2011

that's how we get down for the holiday

here at my home we like to have parties. because my parents were on holiday in hawaii this week (yeah, we're all angry they didn't take us with), we decided to make our own holiday...

a lord of the rings holiday.

that's right. we're awesome (and overly enthusiastic about anything to do with lotr) like that.

my cousin raymon babysat the family for the week, and thanks to his enthusiasm for cousin-parties, for lord of the rings, and for wearing white robes and grandma wigs as beards (see above), we had probably the best lord of the rings costume party since the fourth age of man.

here's them:

and here's us:

look alikes? i think so.

and in case you were wondering, i was originally supposed to be a nazgul what with my hood and sinister face, but as our frodo didn't show up on time (no worries, des, we still love you), i had to fill in. nazgul-frodo. wouldn't that do interesting things to his already conflicted self.

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