Monday, May 16, 2011

a birth-tea party!

sometimes there's a magical park and six people with birthdays 
and all one can do is throw a birthtea party.




everyone dressed up and brought little sandwiches and cookies, and we drank with our pinkies out and thoroughly enjoyed each other's company.

thank you hyde park, for being magical.

in the way of itinerary (aka: as a cop-out for writing in my journal):
today we had class
then at 1:30 the tea party
then we went to the V&A for some more art ingestion
here is a sea salt holder made of gold and a nautilus shell.  wedding registration list: *beep beep*

and here is a horn carved out of ivory.  enlarged to show detail.

...and all this art was followed by a full rack of ribs at arch-one by the national theatre.
make that TWO full racks of ribs.  
or stacks of ribs.
or slabs of ribs.
anything you want to call them, it amounts to lots of meat.

...followed by a discussion of cafe rio salads and how they change lives.
and then over to the national (the theatre, not the band, although i would really recommend every person listening to the band too) for "the cherry orchard"
featuring zoe wanamaker (madame hooch in harry potter) and claudie blakley (charlotte lucas in pride and prejudice).

loved the performance.
much of it was about home--about what constitutes home and what happens when you have to leave it.  and just how important it is to identity.  i love anything that has to do with home.  
i'd submit it was some of the best acting we've seen thus far.

and then the evening walk home along the thames.


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