Tuesday, May 3, 2011

street where the riches of ages are sold

i've had late nights so i'm playing a bit of catch-up.

saturday i went to portobello road with amber.

being raised on "bedknobs and broomsticks" i was especially excited for what treasures lay in store on this famed road (traguna macoities and tracorum saitusdee).

portobello road ^ saturday = 10,000(block party + garage sell + best food you can imagine)

i also may have found (and bought!) my wedding dress this day...at p.b. road.  maybe.  all i know is it's the most beautiful dress i've seen.  vintage 50's.  sorry husband, but there will be no pictures here.  gotta keep surprises surprises.  and p.s. husband.  if you're reading this why have not you found me yet?  hurry it up sir.

here are some favs from the day.

 {a scrabble wall.  for you r-beccs.)


 {this is the hat i wanted to buy but my head was a good inch too big.  so i'm going to just get my master-seamstress of a sister to make it for me.  it's the teal one rosie-pose.  teal ruffles with a navy band and navy netting over the face.  and yes i have a big head.  :)  .....or :} which looks like salvador dali and conveniently incorporates the needed } with which i must end this parenthetical.}

thanks, man in the pink blazer, for pausing and looking at my camera so i could take your picture.  and thanks for smiling at me afterwards so i knew you were cool with it.


  1. Thank you for the scrabble picture! And all the others too! I love to see how much fun you are having.

  2. YAY! Thank you for finally making this post! -Amber

  3. This just looks like so much fun. Take me in your suitcase next time please?