Sunday, May 15, 2011

moment of sheer excitement

BREAKING NEWS:  this just in.  i just learned that bon iver (in my top three of people whose voices i would marry) did a cover of feist's "the park"--a song that is really important to me...kind of one of those scripts of my life.  plus i've been singing it to myself constantly while walking around london, waiting for the right opportunity to showcase it on the blog.  the joining of bon iver with this song (or really any song) always adds up to right opportunity.  (and yes, there are about seven songs i sing constantly while walking around london.  don't ask the logistics of that.)

here are the lyrics.  because knowing the lyrics makes everything better.  i like them because it's incredibly honest, and incredibly hopeful.  hopeful because it acknowledges through its lack that something better exists.

Why would you come back through the park?

You thought that you saw him but no you did not
It's not him who'd come across
The sea to surprise you
Not him who would know
Where in London to find you

With sadness so real that it populates
The city and leaves you homeless again
Steam from the cup and snow on the path
The seasons have changed from present to past

The past
The past
Turns whole to half
The past

Why would you come back through the park?
You thought that you saw him but no you did not
Who can be sure of anything through
The distance that keeps you
From knowing the truth

Why would you think your boy could become
The man who could make you sure he was the one?

The one
My one
My one

and here is the song.  because bon iver...well, it's bon iver, people.  what more needs to be said.

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  1. I just want to say, that I love this. And all of your blog posts. And your adventures in Londontown. And I cannot wait to start-up The Jan-Terms in a few months.