Sunday, January 30, 2011

nesting & so on

this weekend i went to bed bath and beyond. NEW FAVORITE STORE!!!! here are the things i found there:

a very large wood cutting block: HEAVY.
a robin's egg blue kitchen-aid mixer: OOLALA.
and an indoor barbecue grill pan!

here's the thing. the only other people in the store were couples registering for weddings.
* beep * beep * with their little laser guns.

i am putting off putting together a kitchen with things like a barbeque grill pan and a robin's egg blue mixer because someday here i'm going to be the one beep beeping my way through bed bath and beyond, and know...i kinda want to wait for that day!

but who knows when that day is going to come...

thus, i submit that we start a new tradition: the "you're 25 and still single...let's help you start a life anyways!" shower tradition.


you have about 4 more months to mull this one over.


  1. The best advice I ever got and which I pass on any chance I get is buy it NOW while you are single. First off because you have the disposable income to do it (it is a lot easier to justify eating mac&cheese for a week so you can get your cutting board when it is just YOU eating it and not your husband/kids and you'll need other things when you start beep, beeping with your man so don't worry about not having anything to register for. And secondly,when you have someone to register with HE may not want the robin's egg color, he may want black, but if you already have it...well you get the point. So my advice to all you single women out there is stop waiting - BUY. It all comes to a screeching halt after marriage. (Marriage is still wonderful though) ;)

  2. I'll throw the shower for you! I think it's a brilliant idea! I love a good party!

  3. (this is Nathan)
    Our home is doing just fine with our black kitchen aid mixer. I have a box of crayons and paper ready whenever Julianne wants to indulge in her radical color experiments.