Thursday, April 21, 2011

canker my soul/r

canker sores.  
something i know about.

remember thismy first month in d.c.?  remember how i also had a new canker sore every week my first two months in samoa?

my body's pretty good to me.  really.

but something about traveling large distances gives me cankersores.  maybe it's stress i'm unknowingly suppressing.  maybe it's that i've just been eating too much chocolate.  but really, i think the truth is my body is somehow very aware of upcoming events.  on a cellular level.  any major sicknesses (etc.) hold off until after i'm done camping, or presenting at a conference, or meeting boy's parents.  whatever the "thing" might be, it's like all my little carolyn-cells are individually and collectively aware that they can't be flopping.  and so they wait.  which is wonderful for things like colds and so on.  but for cankersores, those little dudes know they're flying across the ocean, or driving across the country, and so they come at me with ferocious abandon.  what is to be done.  

well, one idea is to tell a funny story about another who has frequent sores of the cankerous kind:

sister rosie brings us this story, about (who else) the legendary melissa.  (have i mentioned before that all this girl melissa eats is sugar?  no but really.  my mom raised us all to be really healthy eaters.  and then there's melissa.  red hair, talks a million miles a minute, and then the sugar thing.  no one knows where she came from.)  here's rosie:

Melissa has some bad cankersores and so we told her NO SUGAR for two weeks.  So she is dying and today is day 1.  She was lamenting this to me and she’s like “Mom said no sugar.  That means no granola bars, no frosting, (then her voice gets quiet and she looks at her toes) and no more otter pops.”  Haha  Later I made chocolate pudding and she was drawn in by the scent and sat across from me as I ate it delectably and she actually started crying she wanted it so bad!  “Melissa, you’ll survive!”  “I know I’ll survive it’s just going to be really HARD!” (as she seriously breaks into sobs). She cheered back up and was her spunky self again so I decided to try a little experiment and left the room with my bowl of pudding right in front of her.  I waited around the corner and counted to 30 then popped out and sure enough she was leaning over the bowl and had a big glob of pudding on her finger and was about to eat it when she saw me and just went into a FIT of giggling.

thank you melissa, for making this world a happy place.  

may your mouth be canker-free, your days full of pineapple and tomatoes and other acidic foods, and all your dreams be of traveling to europe for the summer.

p.s. anyone know of a good carousel?  i'm currently in the market.

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