Thursday, April 28, 2011

took my feet to oxford street

today i took my feet to oxford street,
and bought them some pretty oxford shoes.

and in my head, i've been singing coldplay's "christmas lights" all day long.

as for the day's itinerary, we had our first day of class!  i taught about old willy and his tempest, and then we went shopping all over town, shopping mostly for london i think.  of all my favorite things about traveling, wandering is what i love best.  wandering and picture taking.  the girls who came last year suggested that we decide what thing we love the most, and do as much of it as we can: if theatre's your thing, go to the theatre.  if shopping's your thing, shop.  if art's your thing, there's the victoria and albert museum.  and the tate modern.  (i want to go there.)  so i puzzled over what my "thing" is.  and then duh.  realized.  wandering it is.  wandering and picture taking.  that's how i find london.  

so there's been lots of walking today.  i've found too girls who love wandering and picture taking as much as i do and we've had just the loveliest of times.  


{amber with her baguette,waiting for the "special" train at the marble arch station}
{man in suit at notting hill--beautiful architecture at this stop}
{slick london style in front of beautiful portobello road house}
{amber and lauren (not) finding all's well at a little bookstore on portobello road.}

me being happy to be in london

and then there was the evening stroll through hyde park.  the place is magical.  and a tinge sacred.  the trees i think feel sacred.  

well, it's off to the royal wedding!

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  1. I hope you know how jealous I am of you right now. And I know it'll grow every single time I read your blog. I hope you have fun! We'll miss you:)