Saturday, April 23, 2011

to fall historically in love

teenage love.  those are some days i wouldn't mind having back.

the days when it was acceptable to say things like i will die without you.  or we were meant for each other, and to actually believe that there really was no other person you could ever be happy with.  the days when you completely believed that at some moment in your life, a boy would show up at your window screaming he was in love with you and you couldn't break up because he loved you too much.

the days when you believed someone would do something as crazy as fly across the country or heck the world for you.  the days before people did things like "giving you your space" and "being okay with whatever decision you make" and being so horribly rational about something as wonderfully irrational as love.

i knew a guy who bought his girlfriend a star.

and on that, i have one song to remind you how that used to feel:

(a hammock because that is what i'm installing the second i move into my apartment in the fall...because it has a balcony, and i am in love with it.  in love the way teenagers are in love.)
(and thanks to amigo for reminding me that this song exists.  and for being amigo.)

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  1. Did I ever tell you about the boy that came to my window with bare feet in the snow begging me not to break up with him?

    No? Well, that's a story for our next slumber party!