Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the chocolate: {double decker}

so everyone raves about how good london's chocolate is.  as you and i well know, chocolate is something i have a particular affection for.  and by particular i mean rather enormous.  thus, i embark on a tasty sojourn through the bars, fudges, and other such treats of london.  sheer revelry.

scoring of the chocolates will be based entirely on subjective and whimsical criteria.

tonight's tasty treat (wouldn't it be more fun if it was spelled "treet"?) is cadbury's double decker.

THE CUTLINE: soft on top with a crispy bottom.  intriiiiiguing.
THE DESCRIPTION: Cadbury milk chocolate with a soft, chewy nougat top & crunchy cereal bottom.
PRICE:  £ 0.55


THE REVIEW:  the nougaty top was indeed soft and chewy.  the cereal bottom was indeed crunchy.  think rice krispies, only krispier.  the most enjoyable part of the bar is the texture--the crunchy cereal bottom is held together by soft chocolate, which makes for a delightful textile experience.  the nougat was a little much i felt.  how bout peanut butter?  i guess the brits aren't really as into the ole P.B. as we are.

SCORE:  texture: 7/10
taste: 6/10
ease in eating: 4/20 (the nougat.  difficult.)
culturally-clever title: 11/10 
overall: 28/50

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