Friday, April 8, 2011

a sleepover

tonight my little sister melissa (aka: one of the coolest kids ever born) is coming to sleepover.  when i asked her what she wanted to do at the sleepover, this is what she said:

well, i want to make muddy buddies, and then put on makeup, and then watch a barbie movie!  or.....maybe not a barbie movie but one of my favorite movies i'll bring it.  and then i want to sleep on the couch--the little one--and you can sleep on the big one!  and then in the morning we can eat breakfast, just like.....cereal or somethin....and then let's do a puzzle i'll bring it.  

meliss, that sounds like so much fun!  is there anything else you want to do?

weeeelllllll, you are going to think this is a silly thing, but i really like it when big kids give me hard math problems to solve, and then i solve them.



  1. ohhh I love melissa! I wish that I could come for this sleepover. there is nothing i like more that makeup and barbies :)

  2. math problems?? who IS this animal? that is stinkin' awesome. sounds like another future engineer just like me.... :)

  3. this sounds like the best sleepover ever!