Monday, April 11, 2011

flamingo wars

this is camille.  usually i call her camilleee.  she is my sister, and yes i am lucky.  in my family, we like to make up games.  we've invented such gems as mission impossible and rolf in the graveyard.  last weekend, in a moment of post-conference exuberance, we invented FLAMINGO WARS. and it goes a little something like this: 

two people, facing each other.
each person holding one of their ankles up to their bellybutton-ish (or as close as they can get) so that their knee is pointing out to the side.

rule 1: you have to hold onto your ankle with both hands.
rule 2: you cannot let go of your ankle.

objective: knock the other person over.

so we got really good at it.  camille is a vicious contender, and her ballerina balance gives her an added edge.  but i have a game face like nobody's bidnis.

yesterday i was teaching the roommates how to play, and when i texted camille to tell her i was spreading the message of flamingo love throughout provo, here was her response:

CAMILLE:  oh my word!!  we were just playing that and i almost poked Lissy's eye out.  whoops
ME: hahaha i laughed for ten minutes when i got your text
CAMILLE:  good.  i love to make people laugh.  well i am about to enter the enchanting world of dream, where the beautiful colors of my subconscious mind come forth and paint the infinite canvas of my imagination.  love, peace, Justin Bieber.

"the colors of my subconscious mind come forth and paint the infinite canvas of my imagination"?!!  seriously?  what fifteen year old writes like that on the fly?  all i have to say is Justin should be honored his name traveled airwaves with hers.


  1. I would like to attest to the joy of this game. Ere I returned home on the Sabbath, I was entreated to play. I found sufficient knee pokes to elicit such slap-happiness that I had never known. Ta ta!

  2. I'm just mad I've haven't been involved in flamingo wars. Hello! I would totally dominate!!!