Monday, February 14, 2011

notes on LOVE: day 8 | valentine's love letters


dear red rosette necklace,
you were the perfect accessory for valentine's day. i love you for that.

dear safety pins,
i really appreciate that you were so cooperative this morning in securing a ribbon to my red rosette necklace. you make my life so much easier by not insisting that i handsew everything.

dear cute boy who said hi to me today on the way to campus,
i was walking up the ramp, you were walking home. you were wearing a gray and white striped sweater. your hair was parted handsomely. i think if one of us would have had the guts to stop and talk to a complete stranger (namely me (for you) and you (for me)), then maybe we would have found out we could be in love. and then it would have been me for you and you for me, like that beautiful ee cummings poem.

dear weather,
i love you today. today you made me feel like home. i wanted to be with you all day and when i had to leave you to go inside, i missed you oh so badly.

dear man who thinks i write poems about him,
you are hilarious. please will you be my valentine? check yes or no.

dear photography,
estoy enamorada. in a way only spanish can express.

dear reporters & miss stephanie,
thank you thank you for not sending me any assignments to do tonight, so i could go and sit on the lawn in front of the maeser building and enjoy the sun going down. thank you for sending me home early so i don't have to be in the newsroom by myself on valentine's.

dear brandon,
the fondu you brought was truly inspired.

dear dinner group,
even when we mess up, we rock the house. it felt good to be reunited after the three days without you. it is for reasons like this:

that i love you. individually, collectively, and conceptually.

dear valentine's day,
i love that i can use words like "charming" and "adore" on this day. and i love that all day i contemplated confessing love to various people in my life. that is a wonderful way to spend a day.

love, love, love,

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