Sunday, February 13, 2011

notes on LOVE: day 7 | things i don't like

things i don't like:

1) when people insist on carrying on conversations via text. seriously people?
2) having to call people back. which maybe is why people feel like they have to contact me via text? (sorry world.)

that's all i have to complain about today.

in other news:
1) favorite roommate quote from the day: "you know what i want to find? i want to find a soulmate, the way michael and holly on the office are soulmates! they were like, MADE for each other in the universe!"

2) tomorrow is valentine's day! as such, i have compiled a list of the songs that feel like falling in love. here they are for your listening/viewing enjoyment:

especially listen to the beginning of this one:

what songs for you feel like falling in love?

1 comment:

  1. I love your musical selections. Especially Stolen and Falling slowing. They make me happy. :) Thanks for sharing.