Sunday, February 6, 2011

notes on LOVE: day 3 | to a certain gentleman who i got to meet

he wasn't the first person i saw when i walked in.
the first person i saw was a guy in a yellow&black plaid shirt,
sitting on an arm rest, surrounded by girls.

but he was aloof and wandering, between walls and hands holding styrofoam cups.

i smiled at him.
(mostly because i almost ran into him wheedling my way to the kitchen,

--but also because he was handsome.)


a marked man.

he made tentative motions toward the door,
lightfooted it seemed,
like there was nothing too heavy(heavy like a flourless chocolate cake)
to keep his feet planted.

he looked like he might float away.

and when he stood beside me, us each baked in concentric circles of conversation, he brushed my arm (accident?) twice (no accident.)


he dressed like he walked off a street in paris and into this party,
[a disjunction,
an outrigger canoe in the middle of the Salt Flats.]
this party,
its navyblue hoodies and polo tee's
against his tweed,
and collar,
and tie.

the tie.
he wore a tie to a birthday party.

and when i folded myself into the armchair,
i found his arm on the rest
and a smile on the rest.