Thursday, February 10, 2011

notes on LOVE: day 6 | to the happiest little dinner group

it's thursday night, 6:30. . . you're tired, your feet hurt, you haven't socialized for a good 23 hours, and your stomach is growling.

you have spaghetti noodles and some canned green beans in your cupboard.

you die.


it's thursday night, 6:30. . . you're tired, your feet hurt, you haven't socialized for a good 23 hours, and your stomach is growling.

and then you get the text.

the text that saves your life! dinner group will be at 6:45 tonight. (dare i say that 6:45 is our favorite time of day, every day?)

my dinner group is the happiest dinner group family in all of utah county.

there is nathan, whose witty repartee is the source of many-a-dinnertime laugh. also, he's french. in heart, at least. which means everything he does smacks of brilliance. nathan looks kind of like this: (exactly like this, actually. this is his face.)

there is courtney, who, speaking of dinnertime laughs, could make any man fall in love with her with the sparkle of her giggle. i'm not exaggerating.

alec's handsome outfits each night add a real element of class to our dinners. not to mention if he went on iron chef, he would win, what with his invented recipes and all.

bennett has a scar down the middle of his face that is kind of a secret. . .which means it's cooler, and it means he's TOUGH. also, bennett never stops smiling, which means if you show up irritable to d-group (which sometimes happens after 5pm), you can't stay irritable long. for example:

rebecca is the best at remembering the funny goings-on from her day. translation: conversation at dinner group is always colorful and hilarious with her anecdotes about professors, students, men who live in vans, jimmer fredette, and so forth.

my favorite thing about meredith is that she is always up for adventure/playing games/shoving people off cliffs/watching movies. you know, the stuff i like to do after dinner group.

oh and then there's tucker. tuck-tuck as he prefers to be called (smirk). tucker, who makes things like chicken with pesto-mushroom cream sauce and acts like we aren't all dying over how good the food is.

this list does not begin to do justice to each of these people,
or to the amazing food we enjoy each night at their hands.

to sum up.
last night, about the cornbread-chili fusion alec invented, someone said, "you're the inspiration," to which, of course, nathan and i started singing chicago. then, meredith pointed at tucker, who was wearing a tie-dyed shirt with CHICAGO emblazoned across the front.
fate? yes.
fate that we have all ended up in the same dinner group? yes.

...we love us and so you see,
we are a happy family!

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