Sunday, February 6, 2011

notes on LOVE: day 2 | to my books

some nights the words won't let me go to sleep. they come rapping on my head until i'm out of bed, 12:55 in the morning, tapping on.

four and a half bookshelves full of books, you haunt me. so this one's to you:

books are people too.
the intimacy of books

i started thinking what would happen if all our photo albums and journals were replaced with online equivalents,
and we began living in a bookless world.
more convenient,
more space,
would our relationships go the same way?
so that all our interactions were via the web?
it'd be more convenient.
it'd save space.
but there is a certain kind of affection that only happens in holding someone in your hands.
just as there is a certain kind of affection in holding a book.

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