Saturday, February 19, 2011

notes on LOVE: day 10 | best friends & blanket forts

this week we (meaning me, rebecca, courtney, and meredith) have decided to be best friends.

here is what we have done:
  • eaten omelets
  • gone to kneaders for their french toast
  • eaten lots of cadbury creme eggs, m&m cookies, reeses bunnies,
  • had a valentine's party
  • gone to a catered dinner and symposium
  • sang a lot of songs
  • cut one boy's hair (it was a combined effort)
  • giggled about padlock t-shirts, sweatpants, typewriters....what haven't we giggled about. nothing.
  • watched lots of office and pushing daisies episodes
  • gone to d.i. of course
  • been to a cougarettes concert
  • had two sleepovers
  • watched this video prolly forty times:
  • and most importantly, built this amazing blanket fort:

here's what you need to know about Fort: it is constructed of three sheets (all of which are color coordinated) and one lava lava (which is black). structurally, it is supported by an iron cord, two hooks, and one very long vacuum cord. it is really quite a feat of modern blanket-fort-building technologies. a perfect composite of household appliances and domestic linens.

we are currently welcoming new members into Fort. for full initiation rites, please contribute one sheet to the efforts. this will give you full visiting privileges and sleepover invitations (but only if you're a girl).

*special thanks to nathan (not a girl, but still awesome), without whom we could not have built Fort:


  1. I would just like to make a shout out to vacuum, iron, and chip clip, without whom, Fort never would have been possible.

  2. PS, I am said boy? Sorry for getting hair all up in yo fort.

  3. I reallly love this so much. And I love you :)