Tuesday, August 31, 2010

on days when i walk around a lot on campus, i have a lot of thoughts.

i say "have a lot of thoughts" instead of "think a lot", because really there is very little of the active verb going on, and very much of rather odd thoughts hitting me like oncoming trains. which usually results in me laughing or gasping as i am walking around. that's right. i'm that girl.

today i had two thoughts:
1) the brunettes with bangs have a special understanding. we see each other on campus, and we always say hi. like, "oh hey i bet you're a really great girl." and the brunettes with bangs who dress like they shop at garage sales and vintage stores are all but a secret club. like, "oh hey i bet we could be really great friends." which, as we all know is a step up from just thinking someone's a really great girl. i feel like i have secret friends everywhere i go, in this lovely and exclusively friendly group of bang-girls.

2) walking through the business building (in which all the attractive boys on campus tend to be) while eating an apple is not a good idea. trying to smile at cute boys with cheeks full of apple = really, really unattractive.

with any luck, i just might have a third thought today. stay posted...

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