Friday, August 6, 2010

charmed life:

the evening air was perfect for a summer evening out.

he and i rode bicycles to hear jazz in the sculpture garden. the lawn was a jungle of picnickers, all about our age, all in little circles on blankets, chatting, drinking, unwinding. eating grapes. the conversations buzzed over the jazz, so the park became a mishmash of stories and faces. we rode up the sidewalks to 501 7th street for dessert and people-watching. after frozen yogurt with berries and m&ms, we were escorted past the monuments by the last of the season's fireflies, a reminder that we too would be leaving this summer-warmth and -possibility all too soon.

d.c. is the most beautiful place. someday i want to fall in love here. to me, humidity in the evening is one of the most romantic places to be. we would sit by the waterfall in the falling light, the one in front of the museum of american history. we would ride bicycles every night through neighborhoods with giant magnolias heavy with leaves thick like hands. we would sit on the steps of the lincoln and tell secrets.

there would be lots of music and lots of adventures and lots of time spent walking
and getting to know each other
and riding bicycles through the evening air.

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