Sunday, August 15, 2010

national relaxation day

today is national relaxation day, aka: be-as-comfortable-as-possible-all-day-long day. i am celebrating said holiday in many ways. for one, i wore my cardigan to church. cardigans are one of the most comfortable things in the world (next to that amazing blanket that kristen and i found in our apartment two years ago. it was magical: you'd wrap yourself up in it, go to sleep on the couch, and have the happiest, most peaceful dreams of your life!)

a second way i am celebrating is by cooking. jackie and i got home from church and started cooking. she made cookies (i say, is there anything more comforting than a warm chocolate chip cookie? especially when it's rainy and dark outside? nothing!) and i cooked beans. before i go on, i need to explain these beans. i was at an asian grocery store this week. (a very odd string of events including a thrift store, a nauseous girl, and Five Guys, and i end up in an asian market). it smelled like fish and flavorings that my nose didn't really like. somehow i ended up buying this huge bag of fresh green beans. and when i say huge, i'm talking basketball-size bag of green beans. so today was the day to cook them. we found a recipe with pecans and onions and so on and cooked up the bag--the whole of it--into this warm, buttery pan of goodness.

and that was dinner kids! no main dish, no bread on the side. just the beans.

one hour later, we're still sitting at the table, eating beans, until we get here:

a-mazing. so gross, and oh, oh so good! now we're taking naps on suede couches and lovesacs and we couldn't be more content, comfortable, or relaxed.

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