Sunday, August 1, 2010

the big apple: foodie style

when in new york....

eat blackberry gelato!

then, after walking yourself all around soho, little italy, and chinatown, get lunch at la esquina--tacos and mm-mmmm.

have breakfast at tiffany's:

buy a rotisserie chicken and eat it. no fruit, no veggies, no rolls. just the chicken. with forks. on tinfoil because there are no plates. under one lamp in a dark-dungeon of an apartment. we are high class. obviously.

we also shopped a lot...

...and i present you with the find of the century: an old-school f/2.8 lens and lens case: $9, vintage thrift, shop on 23rd. so in love with shopping vintage and having magic fall into my hands.

it was a happy weekend, being with tiffany. but i will say this: new york is dirty and everywhere you go you're assaulted by some weird smell. the weekend made me miss the district. i am happy to be "home."

(oh what, did i just call dc home? yes, there will be tears when i leave.)

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