Thursday, May 17, 2012


 So there we were, the seven of us, in a blanket fort in a loft apartment, drinking cane-sugar ginger ale and eating berries and cinnamon dip and thinking the birds outside were part of the tracks that Sigur Ros was streaming across the world, a global listening party.

I live in a world where there isn't much time for thinking or for watching or for listening.  But tonight I thought about how my life has let me live every one of my dreams, the big ones and the little ones.  I thought about how it has been nothing but a forth-flowing of grace upon grace.  I thought about the magic and the sublime that I sometimes forget is inside me, and that I sometimes forget is inside others. Tonight I traversed the landscape of my heart and found there mountains and gentle valleys and all as it should be.

I watched the sheets of our little blanket-fort ceiling push back back and forth with the wind through the open windows.  

And most of all I listened.

This is something I feel strongly about: 
Find space in your mind to be quiet, to let thoughts come and go as they please, to do nothing more than watch a sheet get teased in the breeze.  Make a blanket fort and turn out the lights and drink ginger ale, or at least do those things in your heart and mind.  The world is invading my world and I won't have it.  I'm going to lay down my stakes and trace a circle around myself and think and watch and listen.


  1. "The world is invading my world."

    Real good

  2. oh no, i forgot to listen! i have been watching veronica mars nonstop for the last few days...but thank you for the heads up :)