Saturday, May 12, 2012

throwback summer {the clothes}

When I was in London last summer, I was totally enamored of all the throwback style: big tee-shirts paired with leggings, floral print denim, jelly shoes.  It reminded me of my childhood (brilliant marketing technique, btw: make the consuming generation nostalgic and they will buy anything.  Just to illustrate, if I came across a tee-shirt with Pretty Pretty Princess, Pogs, Tamagotchis, GigaPets, or Littlest Pet Shops on the front I would buy it without even thinking.)

It's taken the good US of A a year to catch up to London (-expected-), but I'm finally seeing all the throwback styles here as well.  So here's to a summer of early 90s childhood swag!

Other awesome 90s trends I loved:
playsuits (we called them jumpers)     boys parting their hair down the middle+bowlcuts+bleached     ankle socks--the kind that fold over     neon windbreakers     adidas track jackets     slap bracelets     stick-on earrings     stuff with yellow smiley faces on it     stuff with yin-yangs on it     mood rings     lace-up boots     fishtail braids and rope braids ...

Nostalgic sigh.  I vote we bring back all of the above.  Particularly the bowlcuts and bleached hair.

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