Wednesday, May 9, 2012


For the last week--WEEK!--my right lower eyelid has been struggling.  Twitching, to be precise.  WebMD tells me this is called myokymia.  Delightful.  It lists things like lack of sleep, lack of nutrition, overconsumption of drugs and alcohol, overwhelmtion of stress, and staring too long at computer screens as main causes.  As I'm sleeping fine, nutritioning fine, still've never touched drugs or alcohol (except for in making chicken marsala...mmm), and feel significantly less stress than on all other days of the past year, I think WebMD is bunk.  Maybe the computer screen thing holds some merit.  But ehhhh.  I'd rather come up with my own list of dramatic changes in my life to which I shall attribute said affliction.

Causes of Myokymia (according to WebCC):
         1. sudden dropoff in chocolate consumption
         2. sharp incline in strawberry consumption
         3. sleeping with windows open every night and waking up happy every morning
         4. pent-up anticipation of any of the following:
                  --finishing thesis
                  --return of family member from foreign country
                  --return of friend from distant state
                  --owning a fishing license
         5. a snowless winter (thank you Utah!)
         6. learning how to make paella which thing I've always wanted to do and which thing brings me happiness every
             time I think about it.
         7. not drinking milk for two weeks oops
         8. giggling all day because the people I work with say funny things
         9. excessive gratitude:
                  --for clothes that match each other and that don't wrinkle
                  --for an editor that double-checks my work, so I never worry too much if what I write is perfect or not.
                  --bus rides that carry me more or less from the street corner where I live to the street corner where I work
                  --for waking up knowing that in 20 minutes I'll be on an hour.half bus ride and can sleep the whole time (it
                      makes getting up at 6am on a summer day so much easier)
         10. accordion.  duh.


  1. can i learn to make paella with you? thanks. i've been craving it ever since i left spain!

    1. yes of course! the one trick is saffron--it's $20 a packet, so we substituted worked alright. let's do it!

  2. on the accordion: Beirut's accordionist (french guy) was rocking out on stage. I think that can be you. plus i still want to buy a baritone. if we get another 6 people on board, we could have a wedding band and make tons of dough!

    1. i am totally on board with this. also, are you saying that not only can i be a rockin accordion player, but also French?? (please say yes.)

  3. strawberries and sleeping with the windows open. yes.

    1. to quote you: "it [will] make you happy." (significant emendation yours for free!)