Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Presidential Election, 2012...

...according to my Facebook feed. This patchwork of opinions (and juxtapositions) is really beautiful to me (and at moments poignant, and at moments hilarous).
Well, luckily I'm not graduating soon and needing a stable job.
Can't we just try an experiment and let the different areas of the country be lead by those they voted for and compare results in 4 years?
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Cute how everyone at obamas celebration are practically in sweats, and at Romneys they are in suits and ties. I'm glad the un-working drug smoking people living off my hard working money won.
America will be fine people, please.
23 years ago, my best friend popped outta the oven. happy birthday McKay!!
Even if your candidate of choice did not win tonight, have faith in your country, support your president and be more mature than saying you're going to running off to another country. Come on, America. The future is as bright as your faith.
I think we should just have royalty and give all the money that would be spent on campaigning to the starving children. Think of the future royal weddings! And who doesn't want to save the children?
So does this mean I get my Obama-phone now?
When in doubt vote for debt and higher taxes. This is something to be excited about.
I ate a lemon cheesecake bar. And it was sooooo delicious. In other news, I turned in my finished zombie paper today.
WHY AFTER 12 Years can FLORIDA still not figure out how to VOTE!
When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic. ~ Benjamin Franklin
I find it interesting that less than 50 years ago our nation was willing to go to war to stop the spread of extreme socialism from filling the earth. Now, as a nation, we are embracing it. What happened?
I didn't vote for him, but let's all be respectful.
Time for Americans to start studying places in Western Europe like Greece, Italy, Spain and others for a preview of coming attractions for our formerly great nation.
"A vote for Obama 2012 is a vote for Jesus 2016."
Romney wins most states and yet still looses?!! Dang electoral votes...
Now that we know that the male-white vote isn't worth much, can we finally get rid of affirmative action or at least title IX?
Gotta get to work early in the morning, I have a lot of food stamps and contraceptives to party for.
Well, I hope President Obama does a fantastic job, because although I disagree with a lot of his policies, I love America and want it to be the best that it can be.
Cue the end of days predictions....
holy fantastic! OBAMA! a hugely important victory!
The worst day ever!!
I am grateful for our political system. While I am upset with the outcome tonight, I love the county we live in. Hopefully there will be changes that benefit ALL Americans not just the 50% who supported Obama. These are scary decisive times we live in.
Looking forward to 6 dollar p/g gas prices. Anyone want to trade my jeep for a Prius ?
FLORIDA! You're killing me! I feel like its like this EVERY. FREAKING. ELECTION!
It's too bad they don't give electoral votes by square mileage... Texas would choose the President every election!
America has survived as a country for over 200 years, through all kinds of leadership. We've had presidents resign among scandal, challenge political rivals to duals, be investigated for criminal acts. As no man is flawless, neither can be one office. Whether "your" candidate won or lost, be proud to live in a country where you have the right to exercise your opinion. It doesn't matter who you voted for, support your President, because I can guarantee that he needs it.
Well, may the next four years bring lower gas prices, better foreign relations, increased entrepreneurial spirit, and lemon cheesecake bars for us all! And perhaps more important, in the spirit of our great Declaration of Independence, may we each commit to more actively pursue the things that really bring happiness.


  1. yay! I made it on to your blog. ;-)

  2. "A vote for Obama 2012 is a vote for Jesus 2016."


    I wish...