Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Book of Wonders 1

I haven't much time to blog these days. I'm writing a lot, just not here, and I'm thinking a lot, just not here, and I'm loving a lot, just not here. These holiday-days are some of my favorites, and so I'm using every moment I can to do things like play games and drink cocoa and snuggle with the people I love.

But I do have time to wonder.

'Tis the season, after all.

Last year, author Melanie Rae Thon came to my creative nonfiction class and shared with us her writing. She told us each to begin a "Book of Wonders," a place to daily record some of the marvels of this world, the things you encounter in everyday life that are astonishing, beautiful, transcendent, disturbing and spectacular--whether that be something in nature, in the grocery store, or in human interactions. She said her goal is to put every beautiful thing she's ever seen in that book. She said that day's entry would be our beautiful mountain range.

So in this harried busy season of finals and festivities, this will be my offering: small pieces of wonder from these my last December days (at least for a few years).

The cool and well-worn silk of grandma's hands clasping mine, while she says to me softly the things between a grandma and her granddaughter.

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