Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tonight I found Gandalf in my family tree.

You may be wondering about his curiously long life (700-1579).
This is obviously because wizards live longer than humans.

And curious that there is no death date or place...

This find does a lot to explain why I feel compelled to do things like this.

Other notable finds of the evening:
  • Earl Malcolm II MacHeth of Moray, who lived in the Orkney Islands (yeah Orkney!) and was killed trying to regain the Scots throne.
  • St. Margaret Queen of Scotland, who died in Edinburgh Castle (been there!)
  • Duncan I King of Scotland who (and I quote) was "killed by Macbeth in Bothganowan, Elgin in 1040"
  • Vivill "the Snow-King" from Ringrike, Norway
  • Charlemagne Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Emperor. (Love how they say Emperor twice. Like, " in the Emperor-of-the-Holy-Roman-Empire Emperor.)
In other words, check out Family Search if you want to have a rockin time.


  1. I found King Lear in mine. No kidding. I'm not a decedent of one of the famous daughters...but they were all listed.

  2. I'm excited to play around on New Family Search today. I figured out what was wrong with my account, so you better believe that I'll be going to town online today. I'll probably even blog about it as well :)

  3. We come from the same family tree! Small world!

  4. Hey we both come from the Snow King. I googled his name and your blog came up. Ps I served in the Geneva, Switzerland mission right before it merged with the Lyon, France mission. Love France!