Tuesday, October 23, 2012

On Writing a Thesis

Sometimes writing a thesis is going down a slide,
or eating a pan of brownies,
or watching every episode of Little Dorrit in one night,
or a conversation with the person you love love love,
or driving through the canyon in the fall,
or taking pictures of the pigeons and lampposts in Venice,
or reading Harry Potter late into the night, back when Sorceror's Stone first came out:

You get sucked in and don't ever want to get pulled out.

Sometimes it's pulling teeth.

I wanna go find that man with a cane.


  1. yes. also, you should make that face always. also, please tell me man with a cane was old. pleaseohplease.

  2. Hey! I was right across from you when you wrote this. Haha, I was wondering why you asked me what the first Harry Potter was called...

    Also, I completely relate. Both to your awesomeness and your thesis-related stress.