Monday, October 29, 2012

music monday

1. "Lost in My Mind" (The Head and the Heart)
2. "Reign of Love" (Coldplay)
3. "Lost in the Light" (Bahamas)


  1. Okay, here's the thing. I was reading through my friend Brynn's blog (while procrastinating reading about the economics of piracy for school) and I saw that "what a lovely" was listed among her favorite blogs. I just had to click because I've gone through a phase this year (no, not a phase, it will probably last forever) in the which I use adjectives as nouns even when they aren't superlatives ("It was the terrible" or "What a perfect"). Needless to say, I was convinced I'd found a kindred spirit in the writer of a blog entitled "what a lovely." I think I might have been right. I read about bringing Sufjan Stevens to SLC (amen!), I read about the man with the cane, I read about your ambivalent relationship with your thesis (amen and amen!), about the library and Latin and being a reluctant hipster. So now I'm here to say that you are the cool, and maybe someday we'll come to be friends in real life, the way BYU students often (magically) do. In the meantime, thanks for sharing your cool and your beautiful.

    All best!

    1. Dear Rich(elle)--thank you for this nice note! I love the superlative life-long phase...what a lovely way to live. ;) And yes, I hope BYU brings us together as real-life friends. Lovelove.