Tuesday, March 20, 2012

teenage boy bands

i started the morning with a little aqualung, then arcade fire, and then dissatisfaction.  the aforementioned bands are my big-girl, twenty-something reluctant hipster grad student music.  and today, it just wasn't doing it for me.

then i remembered that this existed:

ladies, do you remember this?!  then, do you remember when you found out they were from england, and hence infinitum times more irresistible?  (i was by a pool in salt lake city with my brother when i found out.  yes, this is one of those few memories of my youth that i have held onto for some reason.  perhaps that's pathetic. (shoulder shrug))

all i'm saying is every now and then you just need a little 90's boy band music.  and this morning was one of those now and thens.  after bbmak, of course i listened to backstreet:

i think it's safe to say we were all there for "i want it that way," but not everyone was around for their resurgence...2005 was it?  

at any rate, all this boy-band-listening reminds me of a beautiful (truly. beautiful.) video sister camille (also truly. beautiful.) showed me when she came for the weekend.  you must watch it or you won't get how cool it is.  do it.  cast aside your snooty "i'm over teenage boy bands" attitude and embrace the joy that only five teenage boys singing and dancing and jumping around can create:


i like this video for ohsomany reasons:
1) cardigans, suspenders, maroon pants, shirts buttoned to the top button.  listen up, boys of america, this is where fashion will be in six months.  get on board.
2) pompadour.  need i say more?
3) ummmmm, is that HAMPSTEAD HEATH they're playing on?!
4) big ben big ben big ben!  (not to mention nelson's column, the national gallery of art, st. paul's cathedral, millennium bridge (aka: the harry potter bridge), big ben at night........etcetera..........)
5) buskkkkking! which thing i love for two reasons: first, because some busking-dude sang "it's now or never" to me and some friends on westminster bridge. and second because mark my words, as soon as the weather gets nice, i am going to busk!
6) another reason: how completely self-indulgent the concept of this video is: "let's get a bunch of shots of girls wanting to take their picture with us while we wander the streets of london, amassing hundreds of people as we walk!"
7) and tangentially how completely happy they are to be singing about whatever it is they're singing about (who even knows?).  i mean, these boys are seeping exuberance.
8) oh and i love that my friend andrea is in it (2:42ish)

so there you go.  still in love with teenage boy bands.

EPILOGUE, in the style of And Then There Were None's epilogue, in which several creepy things about aforementioned events are revealed:
did anyone else notice some creepy similarities between all these boy band videos?  like that One Direction talks about "climbing the walls"...which is the title of the Backstreet Boys song?  and that both BBMak and One Direction are busking in london?  and that "i want it that way" happens at an airport...which is the same thing as the train station that appears in BBMak?  (cue Hitchcock theme music)


  1. hahaha oh my goodness this is great. i love that you rediscovered bbmak, i to had forgotten! and who woulda thought that all these boys danced around in all the places we went? i especially loved what they were wearing as well...it's too bad they are a boy band. maybe if we are lucky they will end up being more like arcade fire or another such alternative band. and I SAW THAT GIRL TOO and was like "huh...that's weird i see some similarities..." and then bam! you posted a screenshot.

  2. oh BBMAK. how i love it. also i have the ENTIRE one direction album if you ever wanna borrow/burn it. it's splendid. and it makes any day happy.

  3. i heard bbmak in a gas station in southern utah last summer. it was magical. and one direction is the best. i've already started a harry fan club. we plan on blasting their tunes and cruising on bikes this summer. you're more than welcome to join. BOY BANDS 4 LYFE.