Thursday, March 15, 2012

on being stabbed in the back {an ides of march post}

today's the ides of march, the day on which brutus stabbed julius ("et tu brute?!")

and in the last seven days, i've had several run-ins with friends--run-ins that have reminded me just what kind of friends i have--the kind i do not deserve...

the kind who want to walk in the sunshine with me, 
the kind who will only move somewhere far away if we can do it together,
the kind who quit a job and spend thousands of dollars to have summer adventures together,
the kind who come over just to spend a few hours reading on the lawn with me, 
the kind who listen and validate me when i talk to them about my problems, 
the kind who run across the street in oncoming traffic to be with me, 
the kind who call randomly after months of not talking just to check in, just to tell me they love me,
the kind who will put on crazy art shows with me,
the kind who call from chicago because they want to see how i am doing, 
the kind who ask question after question about my life as if it's the most important thing to them, 
the kind who send me feel-good songs, 
the kind who email when i miss class to tell me they missed me, 
the kind who hug me and give words of encouragement even when i was kind of a jerk, 
the kind who forgive and forgive and forgive.

to all my friends who would never stab me in the back (which really just means to all my friends): i don't deserve you.  you are wonderful people and wonderful to me.  you make me feel like this:


  1. i think this is good writing. and good to hear. and a good song. overall: good.

  2. Well lookie here, I heard this song on another youtube video as the background music and googled the lyrics for, like, and hour trying to find the artist. Imagine Dragons! thanks a million. *purchase on itunes*

  3. What kind of crazy person would run through on-coming traffic?!

    1. I know, huh?! Someone who really loves me, I think.