Monday, March 5, 2012

a london tea party

what with the warm weather and what with it being march (aka: when i started preparing for my summer abroad last year) i've been missing london quite a bit.  i've been meaning to make this video for months now, and finally, during a five hour layover in the denver airport, i had the chance.

one afternoon in london, four of us went to hyde park because we had nothing else pressing to do...wait, that's not true.  we had a play to read by seven o'clock that evening.  none of us had read it yet.  so we went to the park to read...  of course very little of that ended up happening.  hyde park is a place so beautiful it can swallow up whole afternoons.  we passed the hours under a big tree.  

i read maybe two lines of the play that afternoon.  i don't even remember which play it was, but i do still remember the color of the grass and the smell of the dirt when i laid my face down and the rustle of the wind and the birds in the trees.

this video isn't about that afternoon, but it is about kensington gardens.  that park is one of my favorite places in the world.

(a note to preston: sorry the video thumbnail is your face.  i'm not sure if this will bug you or what but it won't let me change it with it?  as for you patrick, sorry the thumbnail of your face is blurry.  i'm sure if you had it your way, you'd be in all your full, focused glory.)


  1. ahhh! Carolyn! I adore this so so much! Thank you for taking the time to put this together-Hyde Park has always been my favorite place too.

  2. it's lovely. you really should go with this new media thing...

  3. what is it with you and doing things that make people(me) wildly jealous of your life? also, love the national.

  4. you are a ridiculously talented woman.

  5. this was amazing.
    i'm speechless.
    please don't let my obsessive stalking scare you.
    i'm're just...ahhh, it's so good here.