Wednesday, March 7, 2012

on memory & go-carts

today, crystal was talking about a girl who got her hair ripped out playing football.
then, like remembering a dream, i remembered my dad telling me to always tie my hair up when i rode the go-cart or else it would get caught in the engine and snap my neck and i'd die.
then i remembered a black roll bar and riding fast low to the ground, past the madsen's house and back around the culdesac, past sam's house towards home.  i remember riding it with nate, from our house at sunny meadow to the big bush where eric slid his van into the ditch.

was a go-cart really a part of my childhood?

is this a fabricated memory?
if not, how has it laid dormant for so many years?
and what happened to the go-cart?

so i text nate, the keeper of my past:
me: did we at one point in our childhood have a go-cart?
him: haha yeah we had a go cart on Snead and Sunny Meadow.  for like 6 years.
me: what the!  how have i forgotten that til just now?!
him: it looked like this but was all black. yerf dawg go carts.

this whole exchange is troubling to me.
what other rather significant portions of my life have i forgotten about?

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