Sunday, October 30, 2011

a haunted dinner party

we like throwing parties around here.
lately i've been toying with the idea of dinner parties--
how they bring people together,
how they are just structured enough that people who are total strangers can come together and talk like they've known each other for years.
(for some excellent literature on this idea, read this)

so we put it to the test:
we invited a hodge-podge of friends from here and there,
very few of whom knew each other,
decorated the house all up,
and called it a haunted dinner party!
on the eve of all hallow's eve.

candles galore,
cobwebs hanging from the chandeliers,
burnt name plates
fancy folded napkins
and an exceptionally scary songlist

all was set for a truly ghastly affair.
(all thanks to some expert party-planners.  read: roommates & mr. mcintosh)

even my sweet little typewriter got spooked.

the guests arrived, terrifying and morbid:
and then we dined:
salad with carolann's amazing almond brown sugar dressing
mini stuffed peppers
caramel popcorn balls

and best of all, at the end of the dinner, we told ghost stories.

(please notice all the orbs in these pictures--i guess we were visited by more than just spooky dinner guests!)


  1. Carolyn!!! That looks absolutely perfect.

    Perfect, perfect.

    I wish we could have attended. Really, really.

    This is inspiring.

  2. Scott, we wish you could have come too! Not to worry, there will be more! :)

  3. Ditto Skoticus's comment. What a brilliant party!