Monday, November 7, 2011

monday maintenance

favorite moment of the week:
hottub wednesday.  hands down.  i had forgotten how nice hottubbing is!  this will need to be a repeat for sure.

gentlemen of the week:
1.  a certain gentleman, upon seeing my feet turn lily-white from the cold of the church room, took off his wool socks and let me wear them.  later he told me he has athlete's foot, so i guess that'll be fun.
2.  a certain gentleman, upon realizing that he could wrestle me to the ground to retrieve the glove i'd stolen from his apartment (more on that forthcoming), instead opened the front door for me and said, "go ahead.  it's yours."
3.  a certain gentleman, upon wearing a green knitted sweater that made him look oh so huggable, let me hug him.
4.  a certain gentleman, namely my father, the most gentleman of them all, took me to my favorite thai restaurant for lunch, wherest we enjoyed lovely conversation, as we always do, my dad and i.

adventures of the weekend:
--wrote a song about a window washer
--slid down stairs in a sleeping bag

--friend went to e.r. for apendectomy
--stole gloves from people, as part of the great glove heist, 2011, in which our entire ward/neighborhood is trying to steal gloves from each other's apartments.  how many have we stolen, you ask?  that's classified.
--saw an [airsoft] shooting (as part of said glove heist).  the crime reel from my window:

yep.  things gettin pretty dangerous round here.


  1. nathan's is the best, fo sho. i feel like those pictures reveal a lot about each of us.

  2. This is how you know you're a "grown up." Love it!

  3. P.S. Sorry, I had to add yours to my blog list. If you're ever in Rhode Island in the next few years, let's go visit the Rosecliff Mansion where The Great Gatsby was filmed.

  4. Great pictures of the heist on S6! I'm sure the glove heist will appear in many more future posts!