Monday, November 1, 2010

somedays are a bullet

somedays you forget to wear underwear to school
and you're late to ballet class because you can't find parking.
somedays you drop your powder compact and it rolls across the entire locker room floor.

and a fly lands on your mouth
and you realize your five applications for next semester are due at noon,
not five,
which means you now have no time to write the paper that's due at three.

and you forgot your pen.

and there's a $2500 purchase hanging over your head.

and you ate a bunch of grapes so you have that weird post-grape nastiness in your mouth
so you reach into your bag for a mint and you have none left.

and pew!pew!pew!
just another beebee in your back.

but you dreamt about him,
and now those beebees in your back don't hurt so much
because you just got bazookad in the face.
now you wake up
and you smell him
now you wake up
and you miss him.

and your legs were hairy
and your nose kept dripping
and he told you he brought you back your pens so that means you'll never see him again.

the point: somedays you just kind of want to cry
and you need someone who doesn't care if you have bad breath
or if you park illegally
or if your work isn't perfect
because at least they knew you were trying.

1 comment:

  1. Coolest thing I have ever read. And that, lately, is saying a lot. (Because somedays it feels like all I do is read.)
    I love you woman.