Monday, November 29, 2010


today i made some already-cooked-bacon. (and by made i mean i warmed it up in the microwave.) for those of you who have never partaken of the wonder that is already-cooked-bacon, the packaging is amazing: they come in a little clear plastic tray/bag, which has a pull tab to open AND a zip-lock component, so those who do not eat the whole package in one sitting can preserve said product until a later consumption date.

it made me think about saving trees, and eating healthy, and how probably the less packaging a product requires, the better. like an apple for instance. or a steak. low packaging. better for your body.

here's my thing: people have packaging too. some people take thick plastic tray/bags and a pull tab to preserve and sell all their goods. and some people are peanut M&Ms (really, who can't resist that yellow bag, what with it's graphics and colors and clever catch-phrases). and some people are an apple. one sticker so you know what it is, and that's all. i like those kind of people--the people who are so good-for-you that they don't need fancy labels to tell you about it. the people who are simple enough and natural enough that they don't need preservatives or zip-lock components to stay fresh and delightful. the people you don't need to open a cardboard box, and a pull tab, and a zipper to get to the goodness inside. i like people like that. they make me want to simplify who i am, and stop caring so much about all the packaging the world says is important.


  1. like this. those are always the people i end up liking the most in the end. but the flashy packages are VERY tempting at first.

  2. oh, i want to be that kind of person so bad. so, so bad. and you describe it so beautifully.