Monday, November 8, 2010

it's in the air!

"i'm going to the library to study."

"i'm going to the library to write about the holidays and holiday things and everything i love about this time of year."

all around me there are signs of the season:
christmas trees are appearing everywhere on campus. the unaware student probably has not noticed yet. but i have been anxiously watching since september for these trees to appear: i think it's a crew of older ladies who are in charge of byu's christmas trees--i see them every now and then with boxes marked "ORNAMENTS". these ladies are very clever--they don't bomb-drop the christmas decor, oh no. they are much more surreptitious about the whole thing. a tree in the corner of the cougareat. a few garlands in the bookstore. then some lights here and there. and before you know it, you're sitting in the middle of the library and before you a delightful christmas scene has unfolded, as if by magic! ten foot trees and presents and christmas lights everywhere. i love this time of year on campus. there's a chair on the fourth floor by the wall that i'll pull out and turn so it's facing the christmas tree and then i'll read there for hours, and i feel like i'm home.

100.3 has started playing christmas music!

it's supposed to snow on wednesday...which means 7-11 hot chocolate runs at midnight!

i am probably only going to write about these beautiful holiday things until january. apologies in advance, but it's all i can think about when the air is sparkling with winter and everything is merry and bright! i've been waiting since august to be able to openly listen to christmas music without being hated. the first second that my roommates give me the okay, i'm going to set up the christmas tree. and i can hardly wait for this year's hors d'huevres party!


  1. mmm... how I wish I could be there for it.

  2. Carolyn, I found your blog :) And I just have to claim my tree on campus, not really mine, but the one my co-workers and I put together (I work at the BYU Grounds Greenhouse). If you're ever in the ASB, we do that tree and wreath set up.
    I love this time of year too and have been noticing the decor going up as well.
    Marry Christmas time!