Monday, June 28, 2010

story of the hour

when i was at gettysburg last week, i parked my car under a big tree so it would stay cool while we toured the city on this double-decker bus:

we saw the battlefields:

we found an adorable chocolate shop

that looked like this on the inside:

when we got back, after chocolate ice cream and chocolate-dipped pretzels, the car had been pummeled--PUMMELED I TELL YOU!--by purple berries from the tree under which it was parked! purple splatters and juice and berries everywhere.

i waited till today to get my car washed. D.C. is big. there are a lot of roads. i heard that the district was designed so that the capitol would be impenetrable to attacking forces. so i've decided to take baby steps--today i got in my car and drove around the area so i could start understanding the anything-but-logical layout of roads and crossroads and merges.

i find the car-wash. i see a man whose job i would like. he stands inside the car-wash and sprays everything down. he is sopping wet. i will work on that one after becoming an ice-cream truck driver. (*if any of you know how i might go about driving an ice cream truck for a few days, please let me know. i'm serious.)

my car comes out sssssparkling clean. not a berry to be seen. i pull out to drive home. suddenly--and i mean suddenly--huge black clouds roll into the sky, and within seconds, the torrential downpour begins. i drive home, pull into the driveway, my car is a waterfall, and i run into the house! from the driveway to the house, RUNNING, i get soaked through all of my clothes and my hair is dripping, dripping wet.

the East is fun. an adventure everyday! and oh so much water.

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