Saturday, June 12, 2010

birthdays! a day of wonder and magic!

today is my birthday! well, not really. it was a few weeks ago, but we were out of town, so we opted to postpone the celebrations (is that allowed?) for today. i've had many a beautiful birthday, thanks to my angel mother.

for the record, there usually are some magical things that happen on my birthday. i don't know if everyone experiences this phenomenon, or if it's just the rose-colored eyes of a girl whose birthday usually fell on the last day of school, which is already a magical day to begin with. anyways, a few beautiful things have happened on this day of [not] my birth:

1) my dad volunteered me to work at d.i. for a few hours this morning (yes, i am still not old enough to sign myself for service projects). as i was sorting through the donated clothes, i came across a bag of little baby boy clothes. trucks and dinosaurs and airplanes. they were tiny, and i died. i used to think i wanted a girl first, but i'm thinking a boy wouldn't be too bad either. as long as he has curly hair and lots of freckles.

2) as i was driving home from d.i., i apparently was driving too slow (i know, that never happens with me, huh) because i was on a one lane road, and the driver behind me pulls off into the shoulder to pass me! TOTALLY ILLEGAL! and then i look over at the car, and it's this little old lady driving! old women: 1 point. carolyn: zero.

3) i caught a shrimp in my mouth at teppanyaki. well, more like the guy launched it into my mouth.

4) as it is the last few days before my favorite person leaves on his mission, we've been spending lots of time together. this evening we longboarded to the hawaiian shave-ice shack where he got, as always, a kiwi-flavored snowcone.

5) i beat everyone at scrabble when i got 33 points on the triple word score with the letter z! i can get super competitive at games sometimes, especially when it comes to scrabble....

well, summer is good. the best season of the year. but then again, i may just be a partial june-baby.


  1. 1. my dad still signs me up to work at d.i. whenever i come home from school too.... i like going there though.

    3. i love shrimp

    5. i played scrabble tonight too [and i won and i also got a triple word score when i used the letter z!]. i am extremely competitive at scrabble.

    6. i am a partial june-baby too.

  2. Carolyn! This is fantastic. I find #2 especially amusing. I can't wait to come home and see you (you'd better be around)!