Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ON THE ROAD: North Platte-->South Bend

13 minutes after midnight on Wednesday: Chasing Tornadoes

Nebraska to Indiana. I drove 10.5 out of the 12 hours.

I killed 5 butterflies (that I know of). See below:

I realized that my major conflict right now is that on one hand, I want to be a lively feisty woman when I'm 80 (think Maude), and on the other hand, I want to be ultra-classy and graceful. Can you be both? And how would I pull that off? And yes, this is the most pressing issue on my mind right now.

I also realized (as proven today by 10.5 hours straight driving) that I would make an excellent truck-driver. That thought terrifies me.

But you know what doesn't terrify me? Driving in a thunderstorms, chasing after tornadoes through Illinois, as long as I have Sufjan Stevens' album to listen to.

1 comment:

  1. Sufjan!!!! Yes, Carolyn, YES!!!!
    Also, as a side note, I relized in Japan I wouldn't mind being a taxi driver... it was sad.